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The brother of Marcos Senna celebrates family history and defends the club for which his father died.
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The brother of Marcos Senna celebrates family history and defends the club for which his father died.

In the 90’s, Antonio Silva from Jardim Rincao (Sao Paulo, Brazil) was a football player of the Saad Esporte Clube. Anyone who remembers him, notes that the veteran had a refined ball control, good positioning and whenever took chances in the set pieces, running a risk. More or less as his elder son, Marcos Senna.   This year, the history of Antonio is being honored. His younger son, Márcio Senna, now wears the shirt of the team that was so loved by his father. As a matter of fact, he loved it so much that he dead with that shirt. When he was 46 the admired player had a heart failure in the middle of a match. He had an undiagnosed Chagas desease and his heart muscle didn’t take the strain of that match.   His sons, who always saw him to the matches, they weren’t there at that moment. “Whether it was destiny or coincidence, but I had an indoor football championship and Marcos was in Rio Branco. And that was the day it happened. It was inevitable, unfortunately, he didn’t take care of himself.”, remembers Márcio, today when he’s 32. But an accident like this, it didn’t take the family away from football? “The people didn’t even think of this option. The love for football is higher than the misfortune.”   This year he has had

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the chance to pay tribute to his father. While Marcos is still active – this season has left the Spanish football club of Villarreal and now he’s a player of the New York’s Cosmos – Márcio retired. Last year he sustained a severe knee injury. “I haven’t been the same anymore. There was no chance to keep on being a professional player.” However, other assessment modes do stretch and test skills and approaches which the traditional online writing paper essay cannot

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