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The past 15th of november, Marcos Senna celebrated his last trophy as a football player. At the age of 39, one football leyend is definately saying goodbye, leaving behind a career full of success and tittles.


After more than 500 matches and close to 20 years in professional football, one of the most complete midfielders of the world, anounced some weeks ago that it is ” time to quit football” and in his last matches he lead New York Cosmos to win one more tittle.


He landed in Spain at the age of 26, after 5 years in the Brazilian professional football. He came from Sao Caetano, an unknown team that was enjoying the best years of their history. Marcos guided the team to an unthinkable, Libertadores Cup Final, where they lost in the penalties agains Olimpia from Paraguay. The penalty Marcos scored wasn’t enough to win the shoot-out. It wouldn’t be his first tittle, since he was part of an unstoppable Corinthians that won 2 Paulistas, 1 Brasileirao and 1 Teams World Cup.


His first years at Villarreal were very complicated, since that unknown midfielder who was a strong bet from the sports director didn’t manage to prove it in the first seasons. He suffered two long term injuries on his knees, precising surgery, that kept him away the fields for a long time. This wasn’t enough to stop his hunger of becoming a top player, and this injuries made him stronger to return stronger. The crowd started to fall in love with his perfomances very soon, and he became a key player of a Villarreal that made history. Marcos was a uncommon midfielder by that time, he outstanded because of his good tactical positioning and his importance in creating, building and distributing the game of the team. He gave a very important equillibrium to a Villarreal that had very offesinve players. This combination took Villarreal to a very popular Champions League Semifinal where Juan Roman Riquelme missed a last minute penalty that gave Arsenal the place in the final. Senna’s leadership and importance in Villarreal were closely followed by Luis Aragones, who was the Spanish National team’s coach by that time and who didn’t doubt to call him up to represent Spain as soon as he obtained the nationality at the age of 30. Besides his age he became vital for Spain, specially in the achivement of one of the most celebrated tittles for the country, the Eurocup of 2008, where Marcos was one of the best in the tournament. That brilliant season ended up with Marcos Senna 10th in the fight for the Golden Ball.

Eventhough he started his international career that late, Senna played 43 games with the Spanish National team and he will be remembered for ever for being a key part of the team that won the tittle that took so long to come.


In 2011/2012, after a season full of obstacles and misfortunes, the team from Castellon was relegated to Second Division. Marcos, allready at the age of 36 and in the last years of his career, received many offers from big teams to keep playing at first level but he never doubt on continuing at Villarreal and promissed he won’t leave until the club is back in First Division. One year later, he left the club for a new challenge on his life, after captaining and leading the club to a promotion to the first league, “where it belonged”. He left after 11 yeras and 363 matches at Villarreal, to play at the New York Cosmos where many years ago other football leyends like Johan Neeskens, Franz Beckenbauer and Pelé played. He didn’t went there to retire from football, but to continue winning tittles. Marcos quickly became a leader and lead New York Cosmos to win the Fall Season and Soccer Bowl tittle in 2013, and the Regular Season and NASL Championship in 2015. He played on his last year of his career with his good friend and football leyend, Raul Gonzalez Blanco and quits football adding one more trophy to his curriculum which started in 1999 in Corinthians.


One of the biggest midfielders retires from professional football, raised in Brasil and matured in Spain, his feet left a mix from the roots of two of the countries with the biggest football tradition that made of Marcos Senna a unique player both in and out of the field. Leader on the pitch and an example out of it, he never raised attention for misbehaving, but the opposite, he always had a calmed life with his family and looking to help poor people through his Foundation. Now he will be quits playing football, but he will be closely linked to it, as International Embassador of New York Cosmos. To understand what the author of the book is being complimented on, it is useful to focus on the second blank

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